Arch Linux Setup

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This guide will walk you through the steps needed to get a usable Arch Linux setup right from the point where you might have left off if you followed the install guide.

WiFi Network

The first thing you want to set up is wifi.

Run the following commands as root.

systemctl enable --now systemd-resolved
systemctl enable --now iwd.service

Next, create /etc/iwd/main.conf with the following contents.



Finally, connect to the desired network with iwctl


station wlan0 scan
station wlan0 get-networks
station wlan0 connect [SSID]


Run the following as root.

pacman -S sudo

Then uncomment the line that allows passwordless sudo for the wheel group.


I use the default slimzsh config.

git clone --recursive ~/.config/slimzsh

Then add the following to ~/.zshrc

source "$HOME/.config/slimzsh/slim.zsh"


We now setup neovim with my config.

First install neovim and vim plug.

sudo pacman -S neovim
curl -fLo ~/.local/share/nvim/site/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs \

Then do

git clone ~/.config/nvim

Now, run nvim and run the command :PlugInstall. Wait until all plugins are installed.

Xorg, dwm, st, dmenu

We have to install xorg.

sudo pacman -S xorg

Install dwm

git clone
cd dwm
sudo make install

Install st

git clone
cd st
sudo make install

Install dmenu

git clone
cd dmenu
sudo make install

Finally, we need to install xinit.

sudo pacman -S xorg-xinit

Now we create ~/.xinitrc. Here I also setup my keyboard configs.

setxkbmap -variant colemak -option ctrl:nocaps &  # setup layout
xset r rate 200 50 &                              # setup key repeat
exec dwm

You should drop in a dwm session. Press alt+shift+enter (or super+shift+enter). To start a terminal. Press alt+p (or mod+p) to run dmenu.


I personally like the Terminus font, available in the Arch repos.

sudo pacman -S terminus-font

I then use setup st’s config.h to use it at size 16.